This is so informative.

“At our roundtables — in addition to the basic issues mentioned above — four topics invariably come up: healthcare, childcare, student debt, and retirement security. Each represents a major risk for would-be entrepreneurs inclined to launch a new business and a major obstacle to attracting and retaining the skilled talent that new businesses need to survive and grow.”

Great post per usual. Let’s become the greatest entrepreneurial country we may want to believe we are.

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> "The charge that policies like universal healthcare, paid family leave, and national childcare are “socialism,” or at least socialistic, stands in stark contrast to the importance of such policies to something quintessentially American and capitalistic — entrepreneurship."

Yes! A modest social safety net is a pro-business policy! The whole metaphor of it being a "safety net" implies it allows taking risks, like entrepreneurship or going back to school.

We'll have so many more entrepreneurs (especially from outside the wealthy, for whom quitting a job is less risky) if we introduce UBI and so many single person businesses deciding to finally employ someone else if they don't have to worry about health insurance because the government does

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