The US should NOT have more H-IB workers !!! More H-1B workers means more H-4 visa holders. H-4's are mainly women, often from India. Their lives are being ruined as they are not allowed to work (or meaningful volunteer).

Especially Democrats love this construction: they allow tech companies to bring in "needed" workers - this nets them nice campaign contributions. Then they turn around and to placate their voters, they label the H-1B's "job-stealers" and they punish the wives.

H-4 wives are expected to devote all their time to home and husband, thereby making sure the worker can make long days on the job. H-1B's are working hard, as there is a Green Card dangling in front of their nose.

If the US needs workers, they should be given Green Cards, like to the 650-700.000 other immigrants allowed in every year, simply because they are the Immediate Relative/Family Member of a US citizen (or won in the Visa Lottery).

Furthermore, children who were brought into this country can stay as Dreamers, but kids of non-immigrants who entered legally are kicked out once they turn 21.

Currently there is a shortage of workers, some experts think more immigrants should be brought in, but giving the H-4's, already legally here, the right to work is somehow not an option. Why not ? Most H-4's are well educated, have work experience. It is shameful this sexist and racist visa still exists in 2022.

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I hope these projections are right re: India. The poverty in much of the country is shattering.

I don't know why this is a "dismal" outlook for the United States. Our average living standard is already very high. Happiness will increase if we can build a society that is more unified and fair, not driven by anger and hatred.


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