The US should NOT have more H-IB workers !!! More H-1B workers means more H-4 visa holders. H-4's are mainly women, often from India. Their lives are being ruined as they are not allowed to work (or meaningful volunteer).

Especially Democrats love this construction: they allow tech companies to bring in "needed" workers - this nets them nice campaign contributions. Then they turn around and to placate their voters, they label the H-1B's "job-stealers" and they punish the wives.

H-4 wives are expected to devote all their time to home and husband, thereby making sure the worker can make long days on the job. H-1B's are working hard, as there is a Green Card dangling in front of their nose.

If the US needs workers, they should be given Green Cards, like to the 650-700.000 other immigrants allowed in every year, simply because they are the Immediate Relative/Family Member of a US citizen (or won in the Visa Lottery).

Furthermore, children who were brought into this country can stay as Dreamers, but kids of non-immigrants who entered legally are kicked out once they turn 21.

Currently there is a shortage of workers, some experts think more immigrants should be brought in, but giving the H-4's, already legally here, the right to work is somehow not an option. Why not ? Most H-4's are well educated, have work experience. It is shameful this sexist and racist visa still exists in 2022.

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I hope these projections are right re: India. The poverty in much of the country is shattering.

I don't know why this is a "dismal" outlook for the United States. Our average living standard is already very high. Happiness will increase if we can build a society that is more unified and fair, not driven by anger and hatred.


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Poverty in India has reduced upto a great extent and peoples lives have gotten consistently better over years with minute up and downs on the way,but all in all the ground reality is much better than what the western media project’s about India.Although most of the job’s in India are in the field of IT and are not as well paid as that in the western countries for almost the same work profile,living costs are also not as high,except for a few metropolitan cities.Immigration from some underdeveloped regions to the developing and developed regions or states is a major issue though,putting strain on resources.

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> peoples lives have gotten consistently better over years

This is true for many in India, according to people I know there, but nowhere near everyone.

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I certainly hope what you’re saying is true. The low standard of living is a tragedy

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