The guest not only doesn't know how deep blue works, yes chess has a finite posible states but there are more atoms in the known universe. he also has a superficial knowledge on how artificial neural networks work, they can, and have been doing for a while, produce new material never seen before. They are even being use for industrial application designing new structural supports.

But also some how believes there something special about the a human that no machine can replicate???. Mystical thinking.

Ai is even being used right now to chose which entrepreneurs you buy stocks.

Machine is even better entrepreneur than humans. This is not even a socialist argument. Is just reality.

All this completely deminish his arguments which is a shame because I wanted a more solid refusal of the Walmart argument.

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The guest talks about the way computers play chess by computing a finite series of moves ahead, but that isn't how these things work today. The reason AlphaGo was so successful was that moves in Go cannot be computed out indefinitely. I think they may have some misunderstanding on the subject.

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What is the source of the illustration?

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