I agree with your statement. But I would add two things.

One, it's pretty obvious that efficiency improvement in ground based solar and wind combined with 'going green' won't come close to meeting the energy needs of a world in 2050 with ~10 billion people where the average energy use is even half what the average American uses today.

Second, you shouldn't exclude small modular nuclear (SMN) or space based solar from your list of technological solutions. SMN is commercial today - one province in Canada just announced they are contracting for two. And space based solar is being worked on as well and has benefited by SpaceX driving down the cost of putting payloads in space.

It's frustrating not to hear the fact that going green can't work ever mentioned.

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If Biden (or anyone else) gave a speech on climate policy and mentioned a carbon tax, the headline would scream CARBON TAX drowning out all other components of the speech. I find conservatives suggesting a carbon tax to be disingenuous at best. What, if any, non-obscure Republican entity or elected politician is actively pushing for a carbon tax?

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